Rozanne Bascug, RMT

Coming from a family of doctors and nurses, Rozanne knew at a very young age that she needed to help people. She wanted a career where she could build relationships and be present in their journey towards healing. She graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and has experience treating a diverse group of individuals with chronic overuse injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders, sports injuries, as well as stress management and general maintenance care. Rozanne understands that every person is different and aims to focus on each patients’ needs with a customized, caring approach. Her treatment style varies with every individual but may incorporate techniques such as General Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Passive Stretching, Joint Mobilizations and Muscle Energy Techniques. Prior to pursuing a career in massage therapy, Rozanne received her diploma in Acting for Film and Television where she learned about the importance of making connections and being in tune with one’s body. She is also passionate about music and has many years of experience performing and studio recording. Rozanne believes it is important for people to find an outlet where they have a space to let go, relax and take care of themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically from all the stressors life can throw their way. She has a passion for creating supportive and inclusive massage therapy, catering to the diverse communities Vancouver has to offer, and will work together with you towards improving your overall quality of life.