Dr. Eva Lum, TCM, R.AC

Dr. Eva Lum comes from a family with extensive experience in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) field. Both her father and grandfather were distinguished Doctors of TCM, and professors at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in China. Not surprisingly, Dr. Lum followed family footsteps, and later graduated as both a Doctor of TCM and acupuncturist. Dr. Lum began her career working at the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital in China. Since immigrating to Vancouver, Dr. Lum has continued to practice as a Doctor of TCM, and has practiced at Tung Fong Hung Foods Company Ltd for seven years. She has also been teaching principles and the application of TCM at a number of local TCM schools. Currently, she is an instructor and internship supervisor at PCU College of Hollistic Medicine as well as at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Lum is also active in TCM community, as she has served as the Academic Committee Co-Chair at the Qualified Acupuncturists & TCM Practitioners Association (QATCMA). Dr. Lum has served the community as a professional Doctor of TCM for nearly 30 years, and has gathered a great deal of clinical experience. With her extensive TCM knowledge, as well as the herbal formulas that have been passed down from generations of treatment success.