Redcord Rehabilitation

Redcord® offers a revolutionary treatment method for people suffering from musculoskeletal pain. This innovative treatment method is based on the principle of Neuromuscular Activation (Neurac®).


redcord slings are used to screen the body for
painful movements, neuromuscular dysfunctions and imbalances.

Neurac testing uses a suspension system of Redcord slings to screen the body for painful movements, neuromuscular dysfunctions and imbalances. These are defined as “weak links” and are considered to be the underlying cause of pain. Neurac treatments use a combination of therapeutic exercise and suspension therapy to correct these dysfunctions by stimulating neuromuscular control. This helps patients restore pain free movement patterns, establish normal muscle coordination, maintain normal function, and ultimately reduce or eliminate pain. Neurac uses a pain free approach to treatment. It does not provoke pain nor increase existing pain.

Research has shown that injury, physical inactivity, fatigue or pain can deactivate one or more muscles, forcing other muscles to compensate and become stressed / overworked. This often lleads to movement dysfunction and pain. Studies have shown that the stabilizer muscles tend to switch off due to pain and / or lack of use.

This leads to impaired quality of movement as well as decreased strength and control. Even once the original pain subsides, the movement programs in our brain can remain “switched off”, leading to chronic dysfunction. Our bodies naturally develop compensation strategies to adapt.

Redcord’s unique muscle activation treatment (Neurac), aims to reactivate deactivated or partially deactivated muscles and break unwanted compensation strategies. This can often lead to immediate relief from acute and chronic muscle pain in just one or two treatments. To maintain this relief, several sessions may be required to reinforce the proper movement patterns. Individual treatment plans are designed to restore function, build strength and prevent relapses.

Redcord can also be used for people who do not have pain. It is an effective tool for functional strength training and injury prevention by identifying and correcting your weak links before they cause pain. It is used by fitness enthusiasts and top level athletes around the world.


Andrew Bell, MPT