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How Diet Healed My Daughter’s Eczema and Asthma

by | May 5, 2016 | Health Tips

How do you treat a baby with asthma and eczema?

When my daughter was 11 months old, she had very severe asthma. We took her to doctors all over the city. Their answer: more medications. Our routine was full of nebulizers, had steroid injections and inhalers. Not exactly an ideal childhood. Plus, my daughter was gaining weight, and losing her vitality. She didn’t want to walk, crawl or play. As a mother, it was devastating. But then I met the Naturopathic Doctor who forever changed the course of our lives. She showed me a way to heal asthma and eczema with nutrition.

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Before seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, NOT ONE person had spoken to me about diet

My Naturopathic Doctor, suggested that I remove Dairy and Gluten “religiously” from my daughters diet for a period of 6 weeks. By the time those 6 weeks were up, my daughter NO LONGER required Steroid Injections (Prednisone), she no longer needed to be awoken at 4 am for nebulization, or carry a puffer with her (and myself) every day. Her weight stabilized, she become interested in life, and learned to walk. Her asthma and eczema were both symptoms of food allergies.

Does that sound too good to be true? Here’s 2 more cases studies showing that removing dairy and gluten can help childhood asthma.

Nutrition is my life, my livelihood, and my saving grace. And it could be yours too.

That was a turning point in my life: I found my calling in Naturopathic Medicine. I vowed to help Women and Children understand Nutrition, and how it can change our health, and our futures for the better.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver and I am here to help

When we work together to heal asthma, eczema, or any other health concerns with Naturopathic Medicine, good food is the foundation of your treatment.

I have helped hundreds of women heal their bodies and their families by guiding them to make smart, healthy choices that fit their lives.

When we work together for your health, I start with a 5-week diet overhaul. We never weigh food, count calories or act with restrictions. Loving our bodies and loving ourselves is how we learn to nourish ourselves, our children, and our planet. And THAT is how you heal.

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If you’re going to spend money on anything: make it good food

Medicine has so many natural and conventional tools to help solve your problems and fix your symptoms, but if the foundation is not right or we are not eating appropriately for our individual bodies’ needs… you are wasting money on vitamins, supplements and any other therapy.

In my daughter’s case, treating her food allergy symptoms (asthma and eczema) with medicines was costing me money, time, and taking away from a normal healthy childhood.

Wrong food choices can contribute to all the inflammatory diseases. The first step that you can take on your own is to choose your food with the intention to love and nourish your body.

Always nourishing,

Dr. Jordana Aziz