Active Rehab & Kinesiology

Active rehabilitation is a kinesiology-directed exercise-based approach to injury recovery and prevention. A kinesiologist can help individuals with injury, disability, or medical condition(s) reach their health and fitness goals in a safe and progressive manner.

helps you enhance your physical performance
in exercise, recreation, sport, work and life in general.

A kinesiologist can design and implement a program that meet your specific needs, as well as help you enhance your physical performance in exercise, recreation, sport, work, and life in general. The goal of the program is to help transition you from your treatment to your recreational activities or your return to work without further injury. The program will help increase strength, flexibility, function, and general conditioning after an injury.

A typical session with a kinesiologist will include injury-specific exercises, core, postural stabilization, general strengthening, and education regarding the principles of active rehabilitation, posture, and proper body mechanics. Ultimately, active rehabilitation aims to provide you with increased resolution of symptoms and independence in recovery through a structured exercise regimen.

characteristics of


active rehab & kinesiology:


Therapeutic exercise Muscle activation

Exercise technique

  • Performance  therapy


Postural Assessment

  • Resistance Training 


Range of Motion & Flexibility



With a one-on-one Registered Kinesiologist, you will receive the safest, most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. After your initial assessment, a custom program is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Training can vary from general conditioning, rehab conditioning, performance therapy, and functional training.

In each session, the Kinesiologist will guide you through a series of exercises in a structured and progressive manner to ensure proper body mechanics and technique.

Whether your goals are to better your health, improve movement ability, or simply to at attain a better quality of life your Kinesiologist will get you there.


Harneet Uppal, B. Kin

Colin Johnson, B. Kin